Removal Defense

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Adelante Legal represents clients in removal proceedings at the San Francisco or Sacramento Immigration Courts. Attorney Carly Stadum-Liang helps her clients avoid deportation by winning their asylum, residency, or cancellation of removal cases.

In certain cases, Adelante Legal may be able to identify circumstances that require the government to terminate or close removal proceedings against a client. In such cases, Adelante Legal will negotiate with government attorneys and request that the Immigration Judge terminate or close the removal proceedings.

In certain situations, clients may be eligible to obtain their green card in immigration court proceedings, such as when they have an approved petition filed by a family member or an employer.

For clients placed in removal proceedings, they may qualify for Cancellation of Removal, which allows individuals to keep their green card, or if they have no immigration status, to get a green card.

If the client is already a green card-holder, to obtain Cancellation, they must prove the following:

1) At least five years of permanent residence,

2) Seven years of physical presence,

3) and that they are not removable because of criminal convictions.

For individuals with no legal status, they will have to show:

1) Residence in the United States for at least ten years,

2) “Good moral character,”

3) and that their removal would result in “extreme or unusual hardship to qualifying US citizen of LPR family members.”

Cancellation of Removal cases require clients to gather a large amount of evidence to prove they qualify. To make the process easier for clients, Adelante Legal assists clients in organizing all the necessary proof and presenting it in the most compelling manner. Schedule a consultation for assistance in receiving a Cancellation of Removal.

If you have come to the United States fleeing persecution or fear future persecution in your home country, you may be eligible for asylum or other related defenses. Carly Stadum-Liang, the Managing Attorney at Adelante Legal, meets with clients to determine if they are eligible for asylum or other related defenses. Schedule a consultation to see if you are eligible for asylum.

Carly has years of experience representing asylum seekers from all over the world. Her clients have included political opposition members, anti-Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) activists, FGM survivors, student union leaders, domestic violence survivors, individuals persecuted because of their sexual orientation, humanitarian aid providers, and members of minority ethnic groups. She helps clients gather in-depth documentary evidence, compiles human rights reports, locates country conditions experts, prepares a written legal argument explaining clients’ eligibility, and prepares clients for their asylum interview or hearing.

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Ms. Stadum gave me accurate and extremely useful information to help me better understand and proceed with my immigration matter. She was very responsive, efficient, and thorough. I’m grateful for her invaluable assistance and highly recommend her to others!

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